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Welcome to the NRSI

The National Radio Society of Ireland (NRSI) is a national non-profit organisation for radio enthusiasts in Ireland. Membership consists of licenced amateur radio operators, wireless experimenters, licence-exempt communicators and shortwave listeners. Our principle aims The organisation was founded to represent the interests of its membersh


In response to the Irish government’s Covid-19 recommendations the NRSI committee have made the decision not to have a physical AGM or Convention/Rally this year. Instead, the AGM will be conducted


On a national level, amateur radio stations are licensed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). In order to obtain a licence, applicants must study for and pass a formal regulatory

Our Services

Licencing advice and TrainingRegular Weekly Radio (On The Air) NetsSociety Newsletter and MagazineAssistance/Advice with technical-related issues Emergency Radio Communications NetworkingGateway/R

National Training Locations

  • Dublin City

    Ham Station #7 - EI7HAM
  • Roscommon

    Ham Station #2 - EI2HAM
  • Cork

    Ham Station #0 - EI0HAM

    & IECRO Ireland
  • Tipperary

    Ham Station #3 - EI3HAM
  • Galway

    Ham Station #6 - EI6HAM
  • Mullingar

    Ham Station #1 - EI1HAM
  • Ham Station #9 - EI9HAM

Examples of How we Support Radio Enthusiasts

  • Nearly every week there are radio contests taking place across the globe. NRSI assists its members by keeping them updated with all of the latest contest-based news. NRSI also runs its own national contests and field days for the benefit of its membership throughout the year.

    Contesting Co. Galway
  • NRSI operates its QSL Bureau with a strong commitment to make available, whenever possible, to all radio amateurs their QSLs at no extra cost other than shipping and handling, without any kind of other restriction.

    QSL Bureau Co. Roscommon
  • Expert tuition and mentoring is provided at all times during training events run by the National Radio Society of Ireland.

    Training Co. Dublin
  • Licenced operators volunteer their time freely to assist their local communities during non-profit and charitable community events, emergency/disaster response and other times of need.

    Public Service Co. Wicklow

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