FreeDMR Ireland

FreeDMR Ireland – Open Networking

Volunteer members of have worked hard over the past few months to introduce the FreeDMR network into the Republic of Ireland. As a result, a national server was established with multiple modes integrated.

Enhanced Talk Groups / “Dial-a-TG”

Implementation of a new enhanced method to connect to non-static talkgroups. On FreeDMR users can now simply manual-dial private call to any talk group number to have it routed to Talk Group 9 on Time Slot 2 on a FreeDMR repeater/gateway. Pre-programming of all Talkgroups into each radio is no longer a requirement.

Single Mode

“Single mode” stops users being locked out of a talkgroup if another user accidentally tries to change to a different talkgroup mid-conversation.

Non-Bridged (Local) Talkgroups

  • 1-8 Administration
  • 10-14 Connacht
  • 15-19 Leinster
  • 20-24 Munster
  • 25-29 Ulster
  • 30-34 Midlands
  • 35-39 Islands

Range 40-90 reserved for future development

Fully-Bridged Talkgroups

FreeDMR Ireland has setup over 50 bridged talkgroups on the network, some of the more popular are listed below:

  • 272 Network Status
  • 2720 Administration
  • 2721 DV Support
  • 2722 Ireland National “Calling”
  • 2723 Ireland National “Chat”
  • 2724 YSF-DMR
  • 2725 Multimode Bridging
  • 2726 Experimentation/Homebrewing
  • 2727 Land – Portable and Mobile
  • 2728 Water – Maritime Mobile
  • 2729 Space – AMSAT Ireland
  • 27210-27214 Connacht Provence
  • 27215-27219 Leinster Provence
  • 27220-27224 Munster Provence
  • 27225-27229 Ulster Provence
  • 27230-27234 Midlands
  • 27235-27239 Islands
  • 27250 Data
  • 27290 National DV Emergency Alert System
  • 27291 Emergency & Public Service (Primary)

To allow for future expansion and development, each province has been issued five fully bridged talkgroups.

Range 27251-27289 has been reserved for future “emerging technologies”

  • Talkgroups 9 and 91 have been setup for manual “Dial-a-TG” service and Worldwide chat respectively

Ireland FreeDMR Dashboard

The Ireland dashboard can be viewed by visiting Here you will be able to view all of the main statistics and view all QSO live across the network.

Pi-Star Hotspot Users

The Pi-Star OPTIONS CALCULATOR is an extremely useful. It makes configuration of your pi-star very easy. To access this tool visit