European Radio Amateurs’ Organization (EURAO), was formed as a nonprofit non-governmental organisation (NGO) in 2005. EURAO has since then become a strong International Federation of Amateur Radio Organisations.

EURAO is a Stakeholder of the following:

  • CEPT – Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)
  • United Nations – Economic and Social Council (Special Consultative Status)
  • International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Radiocommunication Sector

EURAO QSL Bureau Network: European Radio Amateurs’ Organization (EURAO) and its membership was concerned about the growing problem of QSL cards not being delivered to addressees by some IARU member-societies. Thus EURAO launched in 2010 their own QSL Bureaus Network with the strong commitment making available, whenever possible, to all radio amateurs their QSLs at no extra cost other than shipping and handling, without any kind of restriction. The NRSI QSL Bureau is part of this network. Our Bureau currently consists of five (5) depots spaced throughout Ireland.

Young European Radio Amateurs Meeting (YEM): EURAO recognises that Amateur Radio is a hobby with very special aspects and characteristics. Through the hobby, it is possible for young people to gain knowledge relating to technological, scientific, mathematics, and engineering principles, through international collaboration. Amateur Radio is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the professional future of our youth. Allowing them to practice a
wide range of interesting skills in a multi-cultural and multi-national environment for a truly unique experience. With this in mind, EURAO designed a week of amateur radio activities to share with young people from different countries throughout the world.

National Radio Society of Ireland (NRSI) aims to represent and promote the interests of hobby-based radio enthusiasts within Ireland. As a national society and voting member organisation within EURAO, NRSI is in a position to provide support for its amateur radio membership and any other amateur operators who seek our assistance going forward into the future.