Plans to Automate HF


The National Radio Society of Ireland is currently looking into the possibility of assisting with the installation of a new High Frequency Simplexer/Parrot Repeater service for the benefit of licenced operators in Ireland.

This HF automated analogue simplexer will be the first of its kind within the British Isles and will be managed by the IECRO Ireland Radio Club (EI0IPN). The simplexer will hold the callsign EI0SNR and operate FM on the ten meter band. IECRO Ireland is also passionate about promoting the increased usage of the four meter band. As such, plans are in place to establish a network linkage between EI0SNR and their VHF 4 meter band parrot, thus encouraging new users into both of these bands.

For normal daily local-based FM voice operations within the Midlands Region of Ireland, the EI7SNR repeater will provide satisfactory coverage to this region.

Sometimes however, especially during times of emergencies, it may be necessary to extend the range of coverage even further. This is where EI0SNR and other long-range coverage systems come into play.

By combining EI0SNR, EI2SNG and EI4SNR during such an event, it is possible to establish an RF bridge between the cities of Dublin and Galway.

More information about this repeater will follow shortly.

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