MyHam Network

The MyHam web portal is financially supported by NRSI, IECRO Ireland as well as multiple generous individuals and local clubs who feel strongly about what the MyHam development team are trying to do.

Founded in February 2020, MyHam is a new online social network and web portal designed to act as a helpful platform where amateur radio operators can share the excitement of their hobby with each other.

On the MyHam site you will find many helpful articles relating to new technological developments within the hobby as well as some more traditional topics.

All services offered through MyHam are created by ham operators for ham operators. We know what information/services may be of assistance to our fellow hobby enthusiasts and thus aim to provide all of this as quickly as possible.

MyHam will manage an in-depth news publication and sharing service which is invaluable for all amateurs interested in keeping up to date with what events are taking place in their local area, in addition to any DX contests due to occur over the coming weeks.