Welcome to the NRSI


The National Radio Society of Ireland (NRSI) is a national non-profit organisation for radio enthusiasts in Ireland. Membership consists of licenced amateur radio operators, wireless experimenters, licence-exempt communicators and shortwave listeners.

Our principle aims

The organisation was founded to represent the interests of its membership before both national and international telecommunications regulatory authorities.

A National/Irish QSL bureau is also operated by NRSI which enables members who regularly communicate with radio operators in other countries to confirm important contacts for many purposes including scientific propagation studies.

The society also provides access to various cost prohibitive radio equipment which typically may be financially impractical for most members on an individual basis.

Giving Something Back to the Community

Many NRSI members provide their time freely as emergency communication volunteers within IECRO Ireland.

Public Service plays a large role for these members, they find it an enriching experience to be able to dedicate some of their time to assisting with radio communications at local community and charity events.

For several years IECRO volunteers have saved countless numbers of lives throughout the world, during some of the most challenging natural disasters.

Innovation and an Interesting History

Services our Members enjoy

  • Licencing advice and Training
  • Regular Weekly Radio (On The Air) Nets
  • Society Newsletter and Magazine
  • Assistance/Advice with technical-related issues
  • Emergency Radio Communications Networking
  • Gateway/Repeater Management Group
  • Access to the National Wireless Public Address System
  • MyHam (Online News and Social Network Portal)
  • EI/GI Licenced Ham Radio Callbook
  • Contesting and other Local Events
  • NRSI AGM/Annual Conference

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